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For three years now, Greyson Morris has been managing his late Uncle’s restaurant, “The Black Forest” which has not been going as smoothly as he’d anticipated. With the rent climbing and the restaurant’s finances straining for profits, Greyson struggles to keep the restaurant afloat and prove himself as a competent boss, which is failing miserably. To make matters worse, he’s caught his employees letting a homeless wolf get away with dining and dashing on multiple occasions...but when he finally confronts the culprit in the act, he recognizes him as someone from his distant past—except this is not exactly a warm reunion. However, due to bizarre and particular circumstances, Greyson and the wolf find themselves working together to figure out the answer to a question: Is there really such a thing as coincidences? 

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Crime/Mystery

Greyson Morris
Age: 31 years old
Nobody expected him to get the Black Forest in his Uncle’s will. With not much going for his life, Greyson decided to take over as the restaurant’s owner despite the hesitation from his entire family. Although he has a good relationship with his employees, he tends to be a walking doormat purely because his management skills are not the greatest. 

Age:  ...Early 40s??
A mysterious and scruffy looking wolf. Apparently, he’s homeless. 

Age:  35 years old

The Black Forest’s head chef. He’s dependable and has a good sense of humor—that is, when he's actually having a good time. As the head chef, he’s got the entire dining experience weighing on his shoulders, and tends to internalize that with occasional moodiness and misery.

Age: 20 years old
Outspoken and doesn’t hold anything back, Bianca is a waitress who was hired by Greyson. Although she’s prone to capricious outbursts, her empathetic tendencies always seem to prevail. 

Dev Notes:

  • This visual novel is not a dating sim. There’s only one love interest, and currently as of writing it, the actual romance burns pretty slowly. For right now it’s a linear VN, and eventually once I figure out all the odds and ends of the plot I might consider adding choices and plan for alternate paths, as long as I don't overcomplicate it for myself.
  • My plan is to release a new build either every month or every two months, it depends on how long it takes to finalize the build and if there's new art that needs to be done (since there's a lot more characters/CGs as the story continues forward).  I'll be sure to keep you all updated!
  • I'm not sure how I want to approach support/donations at the moment. The idea of putting together a patreon is a little daunting for me right now (but I might try to make one in the future). For the meantime, you can donate an amount via the itch.io downloads if you feel inclined to help. I’ll be updating all the development progress on twitter. Donations would go towards funding for music commissions and hiring an editor, and perhaps translations in the future as well. And also, full disclosure: This project might take a while to get finished, and I also can't guarantee that the finished game will be completely free, but when it comes to that, I'll let you all know about any plans I might have with the full release.
  • This story will contain gay romance. This is not a game intended for minors. The current build is suitable for an audience of 16+, but I have plans for the full game to be rated 18+ due to language, sexual content and mature themes.
  • There is currently no android build, but hopefully I can learn how to work through building one in the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled for that!
  • Lastly, feel free to let me know your thoughts, and let me know if there's any issue with the file/download. Thanks!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(61 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsanthro, Bara, Furry, mlm, Romance, Yaoi
Average sessionA few seconds


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Waiting for update got me looking out my window like a woman whose husband went off to war.



Oh my god this build is perfect, especialy the ending. that was sooooo good.

Thank you so much for playing!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the ending too!! :DD


I need maur aughhhhhhhh........ It's very good but it still in it's early stage of the story saur I don't know what to say other than keep up the good work babez!


Miles has all my attention fr lmao......greyson too....and rahul.......

Haha thank you sooo much I'm so happy you enjoyed the latest build!!! :^D


I NEED an Android version of this game it looks so good 😭


I'm really happy to hear that you want to play it!!! An android build isn't completely out of the question, I just haven't had enough time to do so, but I'll let you all know if it does happen! In the meantime you could try using Joiplay 👍

It's been 6 month mommy,where are you now?and with the android ver.?did you two forget about us baby android,mommy?

AHHH IM SORRY, MOMMY DIDN'T FORGET YOU 🤣🤡😭 A few months ago I frustratingly kept trying to build an android version and it kept failing and running into  errors 😭🙃but I think I know where I'll have to fix in the script and also crossing my fingers that just updating the game to the latest version will successfully make an android build. Hopefully we shall know soon!! 🙏

yay!!!Mommy didn't abandoned us androids🤧😍We androids love you,mommy!keep it up until it released🥹!!!

(1 edit)

Wait,Mommy did it!!!THX mommy!!!🥰🥰🥰

Haha, yeah no problem, I'm so happy it finally worked!! Hope you enjoy it!! ^o^

Hey you said in the 4.0 Development log "We'll see how far I get by February 2023" but it is past February and you did not put out a Development log or put out an update is everything going ok with the VN


OH MAN, I'm super sorry, it's definitely been awhile and real life has been so hectic that I'd completely forgotten about making an update. T_T I used to sorta update on twitter for a bit, but yes everything is going okay with the VN! I've just been writing for the past few months, but I'm hoping to come out with another update soon. I'll be making an update post probably next week to talk about some of the progress. Thanks for checking in!



Noooo, not the anime glasses moment! NGL though, I really want to make this my profile picture on here. The "Uhm, actually" vibes are immaculate. Looking forward to and dreading finishing this update, because then I'll want more.

help it does not let me open it on mac tried everything i could think of ;n;

(1 edit) (+1)

Sorry to hear that! I just got done uploading a mac version, so hopefully that will do the trick 👍 


OMG it worked!!! thank you so much!

Happy New Years!


Happy New Year Again!!


Hope things are going well for you in this crazy world!


I can't wait for the next update!


Thank you!!! I'm crossing my fingers for this month!!! >_<

(1 edit) (+2)(-2)


As someone who unfortunately works in the food industry, the customer encounter was a little too real for me. Based on how you wrote this, I would assume such things are all too familiar for you.  However, in the future, I would appreciate a trigger warning /j. Also, Grey someone finally gives you their number and you fold it in half?????! What's wrong with you? >_<


HAHA OOF I'm sorry the update was too real for you 😂😂🤣 Also, LOL YEAH poor Grey, don't worry, he'll get a clue some day! XD

How is the next update coming along? Looks great!!!


Currently I'm just finishing up the programming, so the update will definitely be released within this month. Thanks for keeping up with the project! ^^

Do you think you will ever port this game over to android?

I'm definitely going to try and hopefully I can figure the process out. :'D I can't give an exact estimate when that will happen, but maybe some time after I get this next release out. 

Gostei do jogo bem fofinho^^

(1 edit) (+1)

Sleeping In Class Be Like: 

Yeah, that's me, you might be wondering how I got into this situation.....


LOL, that is very accurate 😂




Haha, "serendipity" is definitely a neat word to describe some aspects of this story 😏

I've seen or at least know what the movie and the word is about/means, and I know where the plot will go, but what I don't know is how.

iz diz game gay?


It is. ^_^ There's more info in the dev notes if you need more info before downloading. 


Woah :D yey ^-^ Yaoi tag :D my will to live: 🤸🤸📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

Interesting plot, characters and art. Can't wait to see more, keep up the good work! :)

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts! Really glad you enjoyed playing it! 😄

Show post...


Thanks for the playthrough! Glad you like it! ✌

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I’m liking this start and I’m looking forward to reading more of this VN, thank you and great work!


Thanks so much for playing and letting me know what you think, I appreciate it! :D


An amazing start to this VN. It sets the setting, introduces us to all of the main characters, and shows a bit of backstory so that there's no confusion or misunderstanding. I really enjoyed the art, the story, and getting to know the characters; even if it was just an introduction. I really enjoyed this VN and I can't wait for future updates. Keep up the amazing work!

Woah, thank you so much for your comment and feedback!!! I'm really glad to hear that it was enjoyable for you and that the story wasn't confusing to get into. Thanks for playing! 😁